Welcome To Scott-Chambers.com

Welcome To Scott-Chambers.com

Welcome To Scott-Chambers.com

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Hello you! Welcome to the site. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

If you like, you can click play above and I’ll take 60 seconds to welcome you myself.

10 thoughts on “Welcome To Scott-Chambers.com

  1. Ann Boreman

    Love the audio presentation blog info. This is a very effective way to market online and I’d like to learn how to implement audio into my blog this year.
    All the best,

  2. Richard Davy

    Hi Scott,
    Excellent audio, well done you’ve given me something else to try to master now! that of how do i do an audio and out it onto my blog? John?
    I think in the audio you’ve hit the nail on the head and given me something which will help me, and others visiting, no end. That is by saying that you will be only promoting your own products, or products that you have used, and none of these silly bonuses that no one uses!
    Thanks again

  3. Cris

    Hey Scott

    Just a quick comment to let you know that your blog layout is one of the most refreshing ones I have seen. I really like how you use a blend of audio and visual beyond text.

    Besides I find your posts deliver great content.

    Keep it up.

    All the best.


  4. Dave Brinton


    I have to tell you that your blog rocks! I have been checking out the different blogs from John Thornhills Masterclass program, and yours is great. Love the color scheme. I will be more than happy to send folks your way that need audio stuff.


  5. Barry

    Howdy Scott,

    Shore do like the inflection you employ in your vids. You sound interested, interesting and happy.

    That’s one weird combo…;-) Good on you.

    I’ll be back, mister.


  6. Gary O Brien

    Hi Scott,
    I just wanted say that I agree with the comments above. Really cool blog, You stand out from the crowed!
    Gary O Brien

  7. Sue Schlaiffer

    Hi Scott,
    Great audio, I like your friendly easy going style. You have given me some new ideas to try to implement on my own site now, and don’t worry I will not be copying exactly as I have my own unique style too.
    Regards, Sue.

  8. Joelle Rene Hughes

    Hi Scott,

    Fellow JTMC Student here. Wow! Your intro video is very energetic! I love it – better than a late-afternoon cup of coffee. I also appreciate your direct approach to presenting your blog ‘free’ membership site.

    Awesome Job!


  9. Nick

    Hi Scott

    Well buddy you have zigged where others have zagged and came up with a great site! love your easy to listen too presentation style and alo the great info you present to your listeners!

    I will certainly be popping back on a regular basis!

    All the best



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