Unlock What’s Stopping You

In this video, Tony explains the main reasons why people fail to succeed in life.

As always, I’ve added my thoughts and success shortcut below the video.

Scott’s Success Shortcut

Here’s how to get the most from the Unlock What’s Stopping You video.

1 – 80% Of Success Is Your Psychology: You must know WHY you want it. There’s always some inner reason that you’re stopping yourself.

2 – Identify Your Conflicts: What’s holding you back? I don’t deserve it…it’s not spiritual to be successful…People won’t like me.

Action Exercise:

Step 1: Decide what’s most important to you NOW? You and nobody else. Then align yourself with it. When everything’s in alignment…it all goes smoothly without any effort.

Step 2: Use the Roadblock Destroyer method to make sure you stay on track when you face problems.

The Roadblock Destroyer is part of The Motivation Series, which is available as part of the Systems4Success Gold Membership.

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