The Book That Changed My Life

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Let me share a quick story with you…

One of my main passions is classic self improvement literature.

I was first introduced into this world when I accidentally found an old book.

This book sent me on the journey I’m on now.

The book was, and still is, a classic.

I had never, ever read anything like it before and it set me on a never ending search to find what actually works when people are successful.

It All Comes Down To This…

Basically, I’ve discovered that nearly everything can be achieved by using a system.

That’s how Systems4Success first came about.

I’ve found that all success comes down to doing the same things and taking the same actions…consistently.

No matter what you want to achieve, it’s all about doing the same pattern of actions…or systems if you will.

Finding this book ignited my passion for classic literature of the self development style.

This was the book that changed my life

So Here’s The Full Story…

I was completely down on my luck round about the time I was in my late teens.

I knew I wanted more out of life, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it.

I had already had some success in my chosen field.

I had actually, without knowing it, managed to follow one of the main systems for success and, as must always happen, it worked.

I had managed to get myself a job I wanted in a fiercely competitive industry, but the problem was, I was not ready for it.

I had taken the proper actions to get there, but I had no idea what to do once I’d arrived.

Needless to say, my stay in the job was short lived because I was way out of my comfort zone, and I was so unprepared, that the bosses eventually said “Thanks, but no thanks”.

After that, I didn’t know what to do next…

There were no more jobs going in this highly competitive industry I was in, and it was unlikely any would be available any time soon, so I thought my chance had gone.

I felt that my life was spinning out of control.

I knew I wanted more but I had no idea how to get it.

Can you relate to this?

A Fortunate “Accident”…

It was around this time that I found the book quite by accident…or was it an accident?

Is there really such a thing as an accident?

Anyway, I’ll go on…

One day, I was helping my Mother clean out an old storage box in her house.

While doing so, I came across a couple of my Dad’s old sales books he had when he was a salesman in the 50s and 60s.

He was always going to seminars and had picked them up at one of these events.

I was going to put them back, but I felt strangely drawn to them, one in particular.

I put them to one side and decided I would flick through them later on that night.

After The Job Was Done…

I picked up the books and started to flick through them, trying to find something of interest.

I didn’t think I would find anything because I was no salesman, so what would I want with a sales book?

But one of them really caught my interest.

I kept flicking…then I’d stop and read for a bit…then I’d flick again…then read…and so it would go on.

I ended up being completely engrossed in this book and I couldn’t put it down.

I found a pencil and a notebook and started taking notes on my thoughts, a habit I’m glad to say that I still have to this day.

These notes are what began me on this journey.

The same journey that I’m sharing with you now.

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