The 50/50 System

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When you’re learning something completely new, try dividing your time 50/50.

What do I mean by that?

I would learn, that is reading, listening or whatever, for 50% of the time and then I would take the other 50% of the time taking action on what I had learned.

That is the 50-50 system.

It seems simple enough doesn’t it?

Hour Glass

All you will need is a timer, whether that is a physical one like an egg timer, or one on your phone perhaps, or even one of the many timers that are available online.

Here’s a free one if you want to try it: Click Here

Try this 3 step method for starters…


Step 1: Read, listen or watch the content you’re learning from and set yourself 25 minutes to do so.

Step 2: Once the 25 minutes is over, give yourself 5 minute break.

Step 3: Then once you’ve gotten up and walked around a bit, take a drink of water whenever, you sit back down for another 25 minutes and you take action on what you’ve learned.

Now when I say take action…

I mean you write down and make some kind of plan on what you’re going to do and then do it.

For example, if one of the instructions in the book is to call somebody, then quite simply make that call in the second 25 minute section.

This way, you make actual progress as you’re learning.

Or…if a suggestion is to plan something fun for the weekend, then take that 25 minute section to do it.

Make calls and get in touch with people, figure out what you want to do and doing it this way means you are progressing as you are learning.

You’re doing both at the same time and you are in a kind of balance.

In other words…

Learning isn’t 90% of what you’re doing and action is only 10%.

You have to balance the books so to speak.

So that is the 50/50 system for getting the most out of any self-development material that you are studying.

In summary…

Make sure that you are progressing as well as learning.

Keep these two in the 50% range and with just a little bit of extra planning and effort, you will notice improved results from your self-development efforts.

Next Steps

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