Questions You Should Ask

In this video, Jim asks 4 questions for you to ponder.

As always, I’ve added my thoughts and success shortcut below the video.

Scott’s Success Shortcut

Here’s how to get the most from the Questions You Should Ask video.

The 4 Questions To Ponder:

1 – Why? Why do I have to work so hard? Why is nothing good happening in my life?

2 – Why Not? Why not do everything I can to be successful? Why not work hard so my family is cared for and happy?

3 – Why Not You? Why not you being the one who succeeds? Why not you who inspires evryone else?

4 – Why Not Now? Why wait? What are you waiting for?

Action Exercise:

Step 1: Ask yourself each of these questions and write down the answers somewhere you can find them easily each day, to keep yourself focused.

Step 2: Use the Roadblock Destroyer method to make sure you stay on track when you face problems.

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