Prepare for Success

In this video, Zig explains why you should always be ready for whatever is coming up in your life…and how doing that can help your health too.

As always, I’ve added my thoughts and success shortcut below the video.

Scott’s Success Shortcut

Here’s how to get the most from the Prepare for Success video.

1 – 90% Of All Visits To A Doctor Are Related To Stress: Plan in advance to avoid getting stressed out if the unexpected happens.

2 – To Not Be Prepared Is To Be Arrogant: Never take things for granted. Make sure you’re ready to face any challenge that life presents to you.

3 – Respond…Don’t React: Go with the flow and keep moving forward. Roadblocks will always turn up. If you prepared in advance, you’d know where they were and just take another route and keep going.

Action Exercise:

Step 1: Select something you’re doing in the next day or so, no more than a week away, and plan it out. Make sure you’ve covered any eventuality in case something unexpected happens. If it does…you’ll be ready for it.

Step 2: Use the 3 Steps To Lasting Change video to help you make this technique a part of your daily life.

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