The Power Of Your Words: Choose Them Carefully

Power Of Your Words

The Power Of Your Words To Influence Your Life

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If you’re the kind of person who is constantly bringing themselves down, both in the conversations in your head as well as with others, then once you’ve finished this post, you’re going to realize why it’s so important to take control of your words.

The Power Of Your Words

Words have a huge effect on our moods, and therefore our motivation. If you are beginning a task and you start with the words in your head saying…”there’s no way I can do this” or “who am I kidding? I’m not the kind of person who succeeds in this type of thing”, then of course you’re destined to fail before you even start.

You MUST take control of how you think. Switch those negative words in your head to positive words and you’re giving yourself the best possible chance at succeeding.

Be Careful What You Say…

It’s the same with the words you say out loud. How many times have you been talking to a friend or family member and not wanting to sound big headed or arrogant, you’ve talked down your achievements? It’s happened to nearly all of us. I know I’ve certainly been guilty of this in the past.

Here’s the thing…talking down your success is without doubt, the absolute worst thing you can do for your self esteem, your confidence and your motivation. Why on earth would your mind, who is controlling everything you do after all, why would it get all excited, pumped up and motivated to achieve your next goal, if it hears you talking to others in a negative way or bringing the achievement down.

Imagine what your mind would think…”Oh well that’s great isn’t it. All that work on getting you motivated and making you follow through to reach your goals and this is how you react. Why should I bother?” And your mind has a point.


Remember, words have power. Make sure you think and talk with pride about your achievements. That obviously doesn’t mean you should turn into an arrogant boaster, of course not. But if you can talk about what you’ve achieved to others with pride and satisfaction, using strong, powerful words then you’ll be keeping both you and your mind happy, which then of course means more motivation and success for you in the future.

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