Is The Money REALLY In The List?

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Okay, you’ve heard many many times before that the money is in the list. Why is this the case? Why does everybody always go on about how important it is to have an optin mailing list at your disposal.

Well let’s try to break things down for you here. If you have an optin mailing list, it means that the subscribers on that list have chosen to personally receive information and communication from you. Why is this important? Well, you can start mailing direct to them personally. It is the same as having an uninvited salesmen knocking on your door as opposed to a regular friend arriving at your house. The two are completely different aren’t they?

When somebody signs up to your list, they expect you to keep in regular contact with them. If they sign up and don’t hear anything from you for a month or two, don’t expect to all of a sudden send a mailing direct to them, or arrive at their doorstep so to speak, and for them to welcome you in with open arms.

As you would with a friend, you must keep regular and friendly contact. When you speak to your friends or relatives, you don’t try to sell them things every time do you? No, you chat, share a few stories and then maybe 1 time out of 10 you might mention something you’ve bought that you liked. You’re more likely to take a recommendation from a friend than from a random salesman at the door aren’t you?

You should treat your list in the exact same manner. If all your subscribers get are offers, offers, offers and very little else, they will soon get fed up from hearing from you and will either unsubscribe, or completely ignore your mailing directly.

So the most important thing you can do with your mailing list, even before building it, even before trying to make money from it, is to develop it. List development is quite simply the key to your long term success.

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