If I Could Only Teach You One Thing…

In this video, Bob doesn’t just teach you just one thing…but three.

As always, I’ve added my thoughts and success shortcut below the video.

Scott’s Success Shortcut

Here’s how to get the most from the If I Could Only Teach You One Thing video.

1 – You Need To Be Focused: Pick one thing and concentrate your efforts on that. If you scan your way through all your challenges and goals, nothing will get done.

2 – Your Thoughts Dictate Your Level Of Success: The way you think, determines the state of mind you’re in, which therefore determines what actions you’ll take, which of course determines the results you get. It all starts with what’s in your mind.

3 – Don’t Delay Taking Action On What You Want: If you’re waiting for something to happen before you take action, it’ll never happen. You’re suffering from the “if…then” syndrome. Get it started and do it to the best of your ability from where you are now.

Action Exercise:

Step 1: Select a goal or task you want to achieve and figure out what is the first step you need to take to get yourself started.

Step 2: Use the Get Motivated…And Stay That Way video to make sure you stay on the road to success now you’ve begun.

The Get Motivated…And Stay That Way video is available as part of the Systems4Success Gold Membership.

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