I Meant To Say…

…Okay, so I ended up being very busy over the weekend and never got round to telling you about this.

  • Why was I busy over the weekend?
  • What did I mean to tell you?

Spend a very cosy couple of minutes with me now by clicking play below and I’ll let you know…

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

2 thoughts on “I Meant To Say…

  1. John Edwards

    Hi scott don`t worry about it i do it from time to time busy weekends seem to be the norm !

    By the way your audio quality is fantastic, what audio software do you use i liked the format of the audio button its really user friendly ?

    Anyway cheers Scott you take care!

    PS Visit my blog see what you think http://www.john-edwards-blog.com


  2. Svenja

    Goodness Scott,

    I KNOW why you are better at speaking than writing … your voice absolutely lends itself for vocal expressions 🙂

    Your recordings are stunning and mesmerizing. I am going to sign-up for your mailing list RIGHT NOW!!

    Many Thanks,
    – a fellow MC student –


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