How To Be Instantly Trendy Online!

Without the need for a figure hugging pair of Brutus jeans.

Am I showing my age?

3 thoughts on “How To Be Instantly Trendy Online!

  1. Mostafa

    Hi Scott,

    Nice post and nice video very instructive. I did not know about Google trends until now. Thank you very much.

    Keep up the nice posts

    Best Regards

  2. Ray

    Hi Scott, I have enjoyed listening to your audio’s. You have a friendly, easy going manner,and good info. I just had to subscribe to your blog!

    Good luck on the Masterclass course.


  3. Phli

    Scott, Brilliant video. Never heard of it what a great tool for reserach especially if, as I do, you use Craigslist a lot over here in the US for other non Masterclass stuff. Great for fine tuning promotion of my BANS niche sites.

    Cheers for now.



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