How Do I Get A Big Mailing List…Quickly?

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How can you get a nice, big list of over 1000, quickly and easily?

Most people will tell you that the only way this is possible, is to buy mailing leads. Not so. I believe that when you get into that area of list building, you’re asking for trouble. The leads you receive may be old, rarely used and most probably un-targeted.

By far the best way to get good quality leads is by generating them yourself from good quality  traffic to your site. Easier said than done you say. Not really.

There are various ways to get quality traffic to your site. One of the best by far is article marketing. What could be easier? Write an article, submit it and your done. Of course it has to be a quality article with great content, the more valuable content the better. If people like what they read, they’ll be more inclined to find out more about you.

They’ve already read and liked your writing, they’ve made the effort to click and find out more about you, so they are as a whole, what can be described as quality traffic. Having gone through all that trouble, they’re more likely to sign up for your list.

That’s the kind of subscriber you want anyway, an active one who genuinely likes what you do. There’s no point in having a list of over 10,000 if 9,000 plus don’t even open your emails. If you end up buying mailing leads, there’s a good chance that’s what will happen.

I should point out here that I’m not talking about writing one or two and then leaving them. The more you write the better. Ten is good, one hundred is great, one thousand well… If you think one thousand is too much and not possible, I would suggest that you ask yourself how much you really want to succeed on-line. Chunk it down, it’s like any big job, much easier when done in sections.

In conclusion, if you want to clutter up your autoresponder with potentially useless subscribers, then by all means go ahead and buy mailing leads. However, for a smaller, but much more responsive group of subscribers, put in the effort to get them yourself.

One thought on “How Do I Get A Big Mailing List…Quickly?

  1. Brian Ripley

    Hey Scott, Brian Ripley here. This is fine article, making so much sense to me, that you wonder why everyone isn’t doing it. I am just getting started on this and I am finding the Masterclass invigorating and challenging. I haven’t seen anything like your Audio/Video approach ad it is very intriguing. It draws you back( or as HMQ would say,it draws one back) time and again to your blog and isn’t that the point? I am so pleased to experience the other members blogs and it shows that there are a lot of smart people out there. We are all going to have to pick up our game just to stay in sight of you and a few others.
    Best Wishes, Brian


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