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The 50/50 System

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When you’re learning something completely new, try dividing your time 50/50.

What do I mean by that?

I would learn, that is reading, listening or whatever, for 50% of the time and then I would take the other 50% of the time taking action on what I had learned.

That is the 50-50 system.

It seems simple enough doesn’t it?

Hour Glass

All you will need is a timer, whether that is a physical one like an egg timer, or one on your phone perhaps, or even one of the many timers that are available online.

Here’s a free one if you want to try it: Click Here

Try this 3 step method for starters…


Step 1: Read, listen or watch the content you’re learning from and set yourself 25 minutes to do so.

Step 2: Once the 25 minutes is over, give yourself 5 minute break.

Step 3: Then once you’ve gotten up and walked around a bit, take a drink of water whenever, you sit back down for another 25 minutes and you take action on what you’ve learned.

Now when I say take action…

I mean you write down and make some kind of plan on what you’re going to do and then do it.

For example, if one of the instructions in the book is to call somebody, then quite simply make that call in the second 25 minute section.

This way, you make actual progress as you’re learning.

Or…if a suggestion is to plan something fun for the weekend, then take that 25 minute section to do it.

Make calls and get in touch with people, figure out what you want to do and doing it this way means you are progressing as you are learning.

You’re doing both at the same time and you are in a kind of balance.

In other words…

Learning isn’t 90% of what you’re doing and action is only 10%.

You have to balance the books so to speak.

So that is the 50/50 system for getting the most out of any self-development material that you are studying.

In summary…

Make sure that you are progressing as well as learning.

Keep these two in the 50% range and with just a little bit of extra planning and effort, you will notice improved results from your self-development efforts.

Next Steps

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A Little Less Conversation…

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…a little more ACTION please! Oh yeah! 🙂

Can you believe there’s a music video on

Who would ever have thought something like this would happen?

Now, don’t worry, I’ve not gone down the Simon Cowell route.

I am merely using this video as a metaphor for the old adage of taking action.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

When I first decided that I wanted to do something about my life, in other words I wanted to make it better, I started to do some research.

Now keep in mind that this is going back a few years now…so when I say I did some research, I had to physically go down to the local bookstore and look through the self-improvement section.

I then had to check the local newsagent, and browse through the magazines on how to make your life better.

There was none of this internet stuff at that time.

Honestly, you kids do not know how easy you have it these days. 🙂

But to be honest, the problems you get from conducting this kind of research are no different now than they were then.

Yes of course, you do have the added benefit that you can now just pick up your phone, your lap top, or go onto your computer, type in a few words and you have access to all the knowledge you will ever need.

That part is of course is different.

But the point I am making is that even back then, I was bombarded with information.

I didn’t need the internet to feel information overload.

One book was saying I should do one thing, another book was saying no don’t do that do this instead, then another was seeing no don’t either of those, what you really need to do is this…and so on.

I Had Absolutely No Idea Which Way To Turn.


So I have to admit that for a long time at the beginning of my journey, I was too busy trying to find out what the proper system was that would improve my life, rather than what I should have been doing, which was taking action by jumping in and getting my feet wet.

And that’s the way of this industry…this community if you like.

There are so many different people saying so many different things, that anybody
just starting out will have absolutely no idea which way to turn.

Here’s the thing, I have found that over the years, when you try to improve yourself, whether you call it self-help…personal development…whatever tag you want
to put on it, it all comes down to this.

All these different books and all these different courses are all telling you the same thing…just in a different way.

Now that’s not wrong.

In fact, it’s absolutely right that they should repackage the same information…

Because The Most Important Thing Is That You Find Success.

If one person tells you to do A+ B to get C and you don’t understand the way that they explain it to you…then there is nothing wrong with someone else coming along and saying A+ B =C…but in a different way.

The only difference being, that this time, you completely understand the process and you maybe even connect to that person more than you did the first one.

As Long As You Get The Message And Understand It…That Is All That Matters.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

A lot of people are very critical that a whole industry has grown up around the self-development movement.

But the point is, there needs to be this many people who are sharing their knowledge.

Because as human beings we are not one size fits all. We have different tastes, different likes, and different ways we absorb information.

Some people may listen to somebody like Tony Robbins and get what he says immediately. That’s great, job done.

Then somebody else may listen to Tony Robbins and think, I have no idea what is going on here. He is talking to fast, this is far too energetic for me, I am just going to turn this off.

Now what about this person? They need to learn about self-improvement just as much as
the person previously who understood Tony Robbins immediately.

So What Is To Be Done With Them?

Well in this case, they could of course search for other people online that may be more attractive to them.

Perhaps they would prefer somebody like Brian Tracy for example, or Wayne Dyer, or even dare I say it…Scott Chambers. 🙂

I’m being serious here, the industry is huge and there is a reason for that.

There will always be people who need help.

And You Should Always Seek Out Somebody You Connect With.

Just because a whole bunch of people have gotten something from one particular person, it doesn’t mean that the same will happen for you.

To avoid all the wasted time that I, and many other people have gone through at the start of our journeys, all you need to do is a quick bit of research.

And as I have mentioned previously, with the Internet, this is so much easier than it was way back in my day, when we all roamed with the dinosaurs. 🙂

Check out some videos on YouTube, do some Google searches, look at some forums, do anything at all so that you can find somebody that resonates with you.

Find somebody that writes in a way that you like to read, somebody that talks in a way you like to listen to, someone you connect with.

Then concentrate on what they tell you.

Don’t jump from one person to another as you try to find the magic ingredient.

Find a person, understand what they are saying and then most importantly, do something about it.

Or in other words, and here are those magic two words once again, take action!

Do not slow down yourself and your success with trying to way too much before you actually do something.

The Best Way To Get On With Anything Is To Jump In And Do It.

You will learn as you go on.

I cannot emphasise the importance of this enough.

A lot of people change the old saying from ready…aim…fire to ready…fire…aim, and I could not
agree more.

Learn What You Need To Do And Take Some Action.

Learn and do are those other three magic words. Learn and do.

Think about it, you can sit and read every book, listen to every audio course, and watch every video and you will still be no further forward than you were when you started.

It’s only when you actually take some kind of action on what you have learnt that you start making progress and succeed.

Now as I am sure you know, I’m a systems man.

So How Do We Incorporate Systems Into What I’m Talking About Here?

It’s very simple…

Now you realize that the key to success is to actually just jump in and get on with it. What you’ll find is that as you go along, you’ll start to understand not only better, but you will understand more.

And you’ll come up with your own techniques, your own ideas and your own way of doing things.

You’ll discover that all these books, the audio courses and videos, are all there to get you to do one thing, to get you to find your own path.

You take the 80% that works for you from these books, and you add the 20% as you go along.

And you’ll discover that the 20% is what makes it yours, that’s what makes a personal to you, and that is what makes your life a success.

So Less Learning And More Doing.

Or you could put it another way…

…A little less conversation, a little more action please… 🙂

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